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Summer Camp 2024

Important Announcement

The initial location for the summer camp was Shomrei and Aliyah, however both of these temples have merged to form HAMAKOM, this is where this year’s summer camp will take place.

7353 Valley Circle Bl. Woodland Hills Ca 91304 - North of Victory

Triple the Fun, Triple the Talent

Our summer camp isn’t just about theater, it’s an immersive experience led by acclaimed Artistic Director Ms. Neisha Folkes.

Explore singing, acting, and dance, all under the guidance of a Broadway & Hollywood veteran.

Join us this summer and discover a passion that will shine on stage!

(Ages 5-21, Weekly Camps & Full Musicals Available)

Note: Free Trial Day – July 1st Only (10am – 4pm)

What's Included?

Includes following and Loads of Fun!! Concluding with a free thrilling showcase on the 9th Of August.

July 1st - August 4th

The blockbuster musical “Disney’s Little Mermaid” set on the big stage

August 5th - August 9th

The last and most Thrilling week of Camp with the popular August 9th Showcase

What We Provide:

Full Day Itinerary:

Show Dates:

Current Camps

Upcoming Summer Camps

5 Weeks- July 1st -August 4th

The Blockbuster Disney Musical “Little Mermaid” set to be performed live on the big stage.


$1,250 $1,050

Early Bird $200 Discount
Before May 15th

NOTE: $1,250 After May 15th

Week 6/ August 5th -August 9th Day To Day Camp

Pop Stars-Taylor Swift-Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Talent Show, Hip Hop, Voice, Musical Theatre, Acting, Acro, Art and more!


$250 $200

$50 Early Bird And Camper From Little Mermaid

Week 1 & Week 2 July 1st -July 12th

The first 2 weeks of camp from July 1st to July 12th are your “Love it or Leave it 2 weeks” for The full Production of Disneys “The Little Mermaid” you are welcome to Join Camp rehearsals for 2 weeks then YOU decide. You are part of the cast!




Costumes-For Little Mermaid/ Rental/Cleaning/Storage

NOTE: Pay by July 15th for costumes to arrive on time

Show Fee (Mics, Stage, Equipment, Tech, Your Insurance)

Mandatory show fee for each performer to be paid before July 22nd includes Rental Equipment, your Insurance, Tech days, Mics, Stage rental, Props, Snacks/Drinks, etc.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions, instructions and policies are applied.

Please sign your agreement contract as soon as possible and return to the front desk or email to tripletalent2@gmail. Must be signed by parent and actor on stage in the show.

Extra Fees / Payments: