Triple Talent Musical Theater and Hip Hop Summer Camp 2018

Triple Talent Musical Theater and Hip Hop Summer Camp


Triple Talent Musical Theater and Hop Hop Summer Camp provides opportunities for Students ages 5-17 to develop talents hidden beneath the surface in Acting, Dance and Voice.

The Camp nurtures its students by providing a positive, safe and enriching environment students are encouraged to explore their natural talents, to develop a love for theater and the arts. They gain confidence by meeting and making new friends while performing weekly in front of an audience each Friday. 

In addition to receiving training from Neisha, students will have the opportunity to work with renowned Choreographers and Vocal Coaches.

Friends and family are invited to attend the weekly Friday performances to see the amazing things their talented kids can accomplish in just one short week.

 “Some of these children have never performed in front of anyone. But, in one week’s time you can see major transformations, not only in their abilities, but they gain a new confidence that many parents had never seen before in their children. This confidence is something that all children need to take them through the challenges of life. They come away feeling that, yes, they can accomplish something big.” 


Founder & Artistic Director

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