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Inspire Home Schooler

TripleTalent welcomes Home Schoolers from "Inspire Academy"to join TripleTalent and it's amazing staff of talented, nurturing, caring, educated and fun loving artist. This is for home schoolers from "Inspire".

Ages: Kindergarten-12th grade

  • All groups are separated by age
  • All Inspire students learn, rehearse and perform with triple talent Actors.
  • All rates are the same as triple talent students
  • Proof of Inspire enrollment required
  • 2 month commitment recommended 


Workshop Dates

March 3rd - May 5th
Sundays: (No Easter Sunday)

Workshop Groups and Times

Group 1:

Group 2:
Middle/High School 
1:15 pm-3:15 pm

Show Case Date

May 5th

Workshop Location

6025 Valley Circle Blvd
Woodland Hills 91367


Full program: $270

Discount Price: $240 Before Feb. 15th, Hurry!

All welcome to perform at your own level and comfort.  

Home schoolers are welcome to participate in Summer Camp and Theatre Productions